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WordPress Website Price in Pakistan

September 15, 2022

What is the cost of a WordPress website in Pakistan?

Depending upon your web development objective and WordPress developer experience, the cost of a 7 to 15 pages WordPress website in Pakistan could go around 9000 to 40000 Pakistani rupees. However, the price of a more advanced WordPress website could go up to 70000 to 200000 Pakistani rupees.

Why there is so much difference in WordPress website price?

The short answer is your web designing objective, time needed to develop your website, developer experience are the main reasons behind the price fluctuation.

Now let’s dive deeper to have a better understanding of how to design and develop a good website.

Most people think designing a website is easy! Just buy a WordPress template, upload the company logo, add product images, add some text, and your business website is ready.

But can this kind of website be called a successful website?

The answer is¬†“No" because¬†

A successful WordPress website need to impress and engage its visitors and converts them into paying customers.

Now the question is, how can we create a website that engages visitors?

The answer is an engaging WordPress website is customer centric that contains all the information your visitors are looking for. This means, your website must answer following questions.

  • What are the goals and objectives of the website?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What do your customers (visitors) want to see on the website?
  • Who your top competitors are, and what’s working for them?

To design this kind of website your web developer should have sound experience moreover he needs to conduct detailed research of what is required on your website before starting the web development process. Also, during web development and coding stage he must follow web development best practices and search engine guidelines.

Skills you should look for in your web developer to design a top-notch WordPress Website in Pakistan:


Your WordPress developer needs to discover what’s working in your business or industry and develop an expressive website that fully covers your business objective. To create such a website, your WordPress web developer must have the following skills.

  1. Research skills:The web developer should have the ability to conduct detailed research to understand what is required to develop a successful website in your business or industry.
  2. Design skills:Good UI/UX knowledge to design highly engaging web pages. Good Photoshop skills to design high-class banners and images.
  3. Coding Skills:Good knowledge of WordPress development and Search Engine Optimization to develop websites that follow secure coding practices and mobile responsive rules.
  4. Digital Marketingand Search Engine Optimization: Ample SEO knowledge to develop an SEO-ready WordPress website where anyone can quickly implement SEO best practices on new and existing web pages.
  5. Content Writing Skills:To write a unique and fantastic website content.
  6. Good Editing Skills:Creative eye to find and add high-quality, relevant images to your website.

I hope by now you would have understood what skills you should look for while hiring a WordPress web developer. The unavailability of any of these skills may result in lousy websites with low conversion rates.

WordPress Website Price in Pakistan
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Below is a quick summary of WordPress website prices in Pakistan





Payment Frequency (Ongoing / Onetime)


Domain name

1500 – 2000



Web hosting

2000 – 8000



WordPress themes

0 – 10000

One-time, per theme


WordPress plugins


Monthly or yearly


Optional: Security

5000- 30000

One-time or Ongoing, dependent on program


Website maintenance

2000 -20000



Freelance Web Development Price


One time


Agency Web Development Price


One time


Data Entry

1000 – 3000

Per day



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding WordPress Website development Prices in Pakistan

Is WordPress free in Pakistan?

Yes, you can download a free WordPress theme from WordPress.org. Once downloaded and installed, you need to customize the theme according to your brand.

Why hire a WordPress developer if WordPress is free.

WordPress is free and you can choose a theme from millions of free WordPress themes available on the web. These themes come with pre-design layouts. You can update a WordPress theme to a certain level if you are not an expert WordPress developer. However, for advanced customization, branding, and a professional website look, you need to hire a WordPress expert. You pay a development fee for theme customization.

Editor’s Note: Before you set up a WordPress full site redirect to a new domain, it’s important that you transfer all your content first. You can use our tutorial on how to export a WordPress site, or follow our step by step guide on how to move WordPress to a new domain (without losing SEO).

What is WordPress theme customization?

Every WordPress theme needs updates to match this theme with your brand identity (company logo and another branding). These updates could be

  • ¬†Changes to the website layout
  • ¬†Colour scheme updates
  • ¬†Services / Products page settings
  • Widgets updates
  • ¬†Plugin developments
  • ¬†New page developments
  • ¬†Image gallery customization
  • ¬†Video gallery customization

This tweaking into the original WordPress theme is called theme customization.

Do I need a WordPress expert for theme customization?

It depends on the complexity of the work required. If you are a new business and don’t want to spend too much on website development, branding, or customization. You can make fundamental changes by yourself. These changes could be uploading your logo, adding website content and images, etc. However, you need to hire a WordPress developer for more advanced customization, like website design enhancements, layout updates, page customization, or plugin update.

What is the complete process of developing a WordPress Website in Pakistan?

Typically, any WordPress website development process consists of the following five stages.
1. Theme selection & purchase
2. Theme Customization (website development)
3. Purchase of Domain name and hosting.
4. Uploading the website on the server.
5. Support & maintenance of the developed website.

What is the ongoing or maintenance cost of a WordPress website in Pakistan?

Here is a breakup of developing a typical WordPress website in Pakistan.




Payment Frequency (Ongoing / Onetime)

  1 Theme purchase 3000 to 10000One time
  2Theme customization 5000 to 200000One time
  3Domain name & Hosting 2000 to 8000Yearly
  4Paid Plugins5000 to 10000Monthly
  5Support & Maintenance2000 to 10000Monthly

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 9, 2021, and has been completely revamped and updated on September 15, 2022, for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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