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WordPress website price in Pakistan

December 9, 2021

What is the cost of a WordPress website in Pakistan?

Depending upon your WordPress developer experience, the cost of 7 to 15 pages WordPress website in Pakistan could go around 9000 to 40000 Pakistani rupees. However, the price of a more advanced WordPress website could go up to 70000 to 200000 Pakistani rupees. 

Why there is so much fluctuation in wordpress website price

Most people think designing a website is easy! Just buy a WordPress template, upload the company logo, add product images, add some text, and your business website is ready.

But is it a successful website?

The answer is “No”.

A successful WordPress website needs to engage its visitors and convert them into customers.

Skills required to design the best WordPress website in Pakistan:

  • Your WordPress developer needs to discover what’s working in your business to develop an engaging website. To design this kind of WordPress website your WordPress developer needs to know
  • The business industry you are working
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What do these customers (visitors) want to see on the website?
  • Who your top competitors are, and what’s working for them?
    After detailed research, the WordPress web developer crafts a web design that engages visitors and converts them into paying customers.
    This website is not easy to develop as it needs top web design and WordPress development skills. Typically following skills are required to design a profitable WordPress website.

1. Research: Market research to understand what is required to develop a successful website.
2. Design skills: Good UI/UX knowledge to design highly engaging web pages. Good Photoshop skills to design high-class banners and images.
3. Coding Skills: Knowledge of secure coding practice, Mobile responsive, Speed optimization.
4. Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization: Good SEO knowledge to develop SEO-ready webpages and build backlinks.
5. Content writing Skills: To write a copy that is impressive for website visitors.
6. Good Photography skills: Take good quality product images on your website.

Unavailability of any of these skills may result in lousy websites with low conversion rates.

Below is a quick summary of WordPress website prices in Pakistan





Payment Frequency (Ongoing / Onetime)


Domain name

1500 – 2000



Web hosting

2000 – 8000



WordPress themes

0 – 10000

One-time, per theme


WordPress plugins


Monthly or yearly


Optional: Security

5000- 30000

One-time or Ongoing, dependent on program


Website maintenance

2000 -20000





One time




One time


Data Entry

1000 – 3000

Per day



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding WordPress Website development Prices in Pakistan

Is WordPress free in Pakistan?

Yes and No.
Yes, because technically, it’s free. You can download and install free themes from WordPress or any other website like Theme Forest or Envato and then configure it according to your needs.

But mostly, the business pays a development fee for theme customization for a more professional look and feel of the website.

What is WordPress theme customization?

Every WordPress theme needs updates to match the website with clients’ brand identity. These updates could be changes to the website layout, color scheme, widgets, or new pages. This tweaking into the original WordPress theme is called theme customization.

Do I need a WordPress expert for theme customization?

It depends on the type of work you require. If you are a new business and don’t want to spend too much on website branding or customization. You can make fundamental changes by yourself. These changes could be uploading your logo, adding website content and images, etc. However, you need to hire a WordPress developer for more advanced customization, like changes in website layout, color scheme, or custom elements.


What is the complete process of developing a WordPress Website in Pakistan?

Typically, any WordPress website development process consists of the following six stages.

  1. Theme selection
  2. Theme purchase
  3. Theme Customization (website development)
  4. Purchase of Domain name and hosting.
  5. Uploading the website on the client server.
  6. Support & maintenance of the developed website.  

What is the ongoing cost of a WordPress website in Pakistan?

Here is a listwise breakup of a typical WordPress website in Pakistan.

Theme purchase – One time (PKR 3000/- to PKR 10000/-)

Theme customization – One time (PKR 5000 to PKR 200000/-)

Domain name & Hosting – Yearly (PKR 2000/- to PKR 8000/-)

Paid Plugins – Monthly (PKR 5000/- to PKR 10000/-)

Support and Maintenance – Monthly (PKR 2000/- to PKR 10000/-)

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