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What is Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan?

September 22, 2022

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process or technique to improve a website’s position by following the Search Engines Guidelines. The better a website follows these search engine guidelines, the better traffic and rankings it gets from search engines. In other words, in Search Engine Optimization, we aim to make it easy for search engine crawlers to crawl and get all the information requires to get a better understanding of your website. Another objective of search engine optimization is to better rank your website than your competitors. SEO experts accomplish this by creating better content, link building, and improving website core web vitals.

Scope of Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan

There is a massive potential for Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan as, overall, few businesses are investing in SEO for their business growth. Also, as a handful of SEO agencies and experts knows how to build and execute good SEO strategy, the potential of earning better revenue online is even greater. According to Datareportal, a famous data portal that provides insight and trends to organizations and individuals. With a total population of 227.3 million in Pakistan, there are 82.90 million internet users in Pakistan in January 2022, which means 36.5 percent of the total Pakistani population is using the internet. These are incredible statistics for businesses and websites that want to grow their online e-commerce businesses.

Why use SEO services for Business Growth in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization is an excellent approach to reaching your potential customers as it is more targeted, affordable, and cost-effective than other customer engagement mediums like PPC, Social Media Marketing, and Email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization helps SMEs and big enterprises grow sales through leads, Orders and provide the best return on investments (ROIs) compared to all other marketing channels. It helps businesses earn more sales and revenue by delivering consistent leads, inquiries, and new orders. According to recent research, a business can get 30 to 40% more income if it ranks in Google’s top three positions.

Why use SEO services for the growth & promotion of your business in Pakistan?

More and more companies in Pakistan are now realizing the importance of SEO services for the growth of their businesses. Many companies have started investing in Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan. This growth is more apparent when we look at our CRM database, where we keep a record of all the inquiries we receive online. Nowadays, we receive 100 to 150 monthly SEO leads on average. In contrast, about a year ago, this average was 10 to 12 per month. This growing trend indicates that businesses are looking to invest more in SEO services in Pakistan than in previous years.
Another reason to invest time and money in SEO services in Pakistan is to take advantage of the overall SEO gap that exists in the business sector. As a handful of companies and brands are doing proper SEO, there is room for getting a quick SEO ranking through an effective SEO strategy and hiring an experienced SEO expert who knows how to take advantage of low SEO competition in Pakistan. There are many good SEO experts in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, but finding a good SEO expert is difficult. Click here to learn expert tips to find a good SEO expert in Pakistan.

Overall low SEO competition amongst businesses in Pakistan makes it ideal for any business owner to instantly consider search engine optimization for the growth of their business in Pakistan. These efforts and time will help your website quickly get the top search results on Google. In our experience, it’s an ideal time to spend on SEO services in Pakistan as it will gradually get more difficult for websites to obtain the top SEO ranking. As more businesses in Pakistan invest in SEO services, it will be difficult for a new website to get the top rankings soon.

Most important Factors to consider while working on your website SEO in Pakistan

Do you want a quick ranking boost for your website in Pakistan? With our years of experience working with the top Pakistani businesses and brands, below are the tips you can follow to improve your SEO ranking in Pakistan quickly.

Improve on-page optimization: Your website should be aligned with the best on-page SEO practices. There should be no roadblocks, and all your important pages should be crawlable and indexable. You can use a free version of screaming frog to see which of your website pages are indexed and crawlable. Also, ensure page titles and h1s are correctly set, as these are the two most crucial page ranking factors, along with excellent page copy (good content). Use your primary keyword as h1 and construct the whole page content around that. Other important factors to look at if you are targeting your website in Pakistan are
Page speed
Take care of core web vitals.
Site map
Set up Website Tracking and Performance Monitoring Tools: Tracking your website traffic and website performance monitoring is essential to understanding your website performance. Without website tracking and performance monitoring, we cannot determine how good or bad your website is performing. Two important tools for this purpose are Google analytics and Google search console. Configure Google analytics with your website as it is a free tool from Google. It is a must-have tool for your website as it monitors your website traffic, including how many new visitors are visiting your website, where this traffic is coming from, how long a visitor stays on your website (bounce rates), etc. These insights help better optimize your website based on your website visitor’s behavior. Also, if you are targeting only a Pakistani audience, set up a target audience for Pakistan, as it will help Google determine the country you are targeting. Setting the target audience to Pakistan will also help you get a better SEO ranking within your target area.
Another critical tool to configure for your website is the Google Search Console(GSC). GSC is one of the essential tools to configure on the website as Google informs any issue or crawl error found on the website through this tool. Setting up a Google search console helps you stay informed of any crawling or performance errors on your website.

Content Optimization

Like on-page optimization, a little effort in content optimization will help your website a quick ranking boost. Take care of the following while writing page copy (page content).
Avoid duplicate content: Make sure your website has genuine content, as duplicate or copied content could negatively affect your website.
Avoid thin content on your website: Make sure your website has more than 400 words on each webpage. Anything under 400 words will consider thin content and will negatively affect your SEO rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan?

Website Blog

Search engines love new and fresh content, and publishing new blog articles is an effective way to post new content on your website. Maintaining a blog along site your website helps improve SEO ranking as it is a source of new fresh content. In case you are targeting Pakistan, a blog could help you get a better SEO ranking as most of the business websites in Pakistan either don’t have a blog at all and even if they have one, they are not regularly updated. So having a blog and regularly posting new content on the blog will help your gain quick SEO rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan?

Link building

Link building is an effective technique to improve your website ranking. Proper link building requires time and effort to gain quality links. Guest posting, outreach, and forum submissions are some of the essential techniques of link building. As mentioned above, link building is complex in competitive markets. Still, it is not that hard to practice in Pakistan as SEO and link building are not established techniques in Pakistan. So, you can easily use link building to gain quality links in Pakistan.

What is Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan?
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