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8 Tips for Choosing The Best SEO Company in Pakistan

October 27, 2021

Ranking on top of search engines is vital for continuously getting new customers online. If your business is ranking in the top three positions on Google in Pakistan, chances are your will get 30 to 60% more revenue through online sales. In today’s competitive world, getting top rank on Google is not easy. As more and more businesses are spending huge budgets on SEO and Digital Marketing. You need to choose the Best SEO Company to get top results from the SEO efforts, with so many SEO and Digital Marketing companies operating across Pakistan. Choosing a leading SEO agency is not easy. This article will explain some tips to help you shortlist the best SEO company for your online success.

First, let’s see what SEO is and why you need SEO Services for your business in Pakistan.


What is Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a process of optimizing your website for Google and other Search Engines so that your website ranks on the top of search results (SERPS). Search Engines determine your website position by looking into more than 200 ranking factors. These factors include your website mobile-friendliness, domain age, server location, website speed, website content, targeted keywords, etc.The search engines do this by crawling on your website to

  • Understand your business category. (Are you a real state business or an educational institute)
  • Knowing about the product or services you are offering through your website.
  • Who are your ideal customers and?
  • What you want to achieve from your website.

Once Google knows about your business’s overall goals and objectives, it ranks your website by comparing it with your competitors.

Role of an SEO Agency: It’s the job of an SEO Agency to optimize your website and
Increase its ranking, visibility, and brand awareness by

  • Positioning essential key pages on the top positions on Google
  • Getting more sales through online traffic.

Of course, your website should be appropriately designed to give a clear message to Google and other search engines.

Overall, search engine optimization is a complex process that involves website SEO Audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, Content optimization, Linkbuilding, Local SEO, and many other factors.

Now that you know what SEO is and how your business can get benefit from SEO efforts. Let’s look at how you can choose a trustworthy SEO Company in Pakistan to help you grow your business website through SEO and digital marketing.

1. Analyse SEO agency website for credibility and Professionalism

One of the essential things in choosing an SEO agency is to analyze their website. Check how professional their website is. Look for content quality and check if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes on the site. If an agency’s own website is substandard and erratic, there is no way they can improve your website SEO ranking, as website content plays an essential role in getting good SEO results.

2. Landline number and Physical Address:

Almost every legitimate business has its own landline number and physical address. If the agency has local phone numbers and physical addresses. It adds to the overall credibility of the agency. A toll-free number or UAN is another plus.

3. Check Response Time:

Try to contact the agency by giving them a call to their landline numbers. Also, send an inquiry by filling their contact us or lead generation form. Now, wait for their response. A quick, professional response means that the company has enough resources to respond to queries.

4. Check for online reviews:

Looking into the online reviews on social media platforms like Facebook and Google My Business is an excellent way to validate the credibility of an SEO firm. Often, these reviews are legitimate, as getting fake reviews on these platforms are difficult to obtain. Companies with more online reviews are considered better than companies with fewer reviews.

5. Check Agency Client Portfolio

Looking into the client’s portfolio also helps you assess the reliability of an SEO Agency. Often, it’s a good indication if the SEO firm has worked with other top local brands and international companies.

6. Investigate Testimonials of the SEO Company.

Now check client testimonials to validate what top brands are saying about their experience of working with the agency. So, client testimonials are another way to validate SEO firms. See what kind of SEO projects the company has completed.

7. Judge Team Strength:

Finding the best SEO experts is the key to your online success—however, it’s difficult to judge any SEO resource in one or two meetings or phone calls. Looking into the overall approach to how the SEO agency is dealing can help understand the agency’s ability. Ask for the process the agency will follow for your SEO project. E.g.

  • Will they assign a dedicated project manager to you?
  • How often can you contact the project manager?
  • How the company will share project deliverables with you.
  • What mechanism the SEO Agency will follow to inform you about project progress.
  • Do they provide a client dashboard where you could monitor the project progress?
  • How often and what kind of reporting they will provide to you.

Analysing these aspects will help you filter top SEO companies from the crowd.

8. Ask for references:

Now that you have deeply analyzed the SEO Company’s strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to ask them for references. If the agency has good references, you may contact them to verify company eligibility and credibility. But if the SEO agency is hesitant to provide you with these references, this means that the agency is new or lacks the capacity required to work on your SEO project.

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