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How to Design a Perfect Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers?

August 23, 2021

Essentials of a Landing Page!

Landing pages are a part of a digital marketing strategy. These pages are designed to attract your potential customer’s attention and lure them to carry out the desired action through a call-to-action button.
Primarily these pages are designed to targets a specific product, service, or goal. These are customer-focused pages specially developed to get an instant sale or a lead.
It is the page where your potential visitors will land after clicking on Facebook, Youtube, or Google ads.
Designing a landing page that converts a visitor into a customer is an art that needs visitors’ behavioral psychology and UI/UX skills.

Designing a web page that grabs visitors’ attention and encourages them to order your product or fill an inquiry form is an essential component of a successful website or webpage. People visiting your website are looking for specific information on your page. According to research, if your visitors could not locate the required information in less than 3 seconds. Chances are they will move to your competitor’s website.
So designing focused web pages that promote your specific product or web service is the key to getting more leads, conversion, and sales.
These focused web pages are called the landing pages.

Want your landing page to grab the attention of your visitors?
Here are the essential things you need to learn ASAP! By knowing and understanding these basic elements, you can achieve the best results in no time. Let’s explore the factors that will make your landing page stand out.

Above the fold is critical

A landing page should be attention-grabbing and focused with a clear message and Call To Action (CTA) as people have a low attention span, less than three seconds, according to a study.
Always communicate your message in the top section of your landing page. Spend some time crafting an eyecatching headline and CTA that stands out from the crowd. Create page copy (main heading subheading and page content) that grab visitor attention and force them to take the desired action. If you are targeting a country where English is not a primary language, a touch of your locally spoken language to catch your visitors’ attention e.g. if you are targeting Pakistan, you can also use URDU words and phrases as an attention grabber. Mixing local language phrases will help you stand out from the crowd.

Use images according to local Pakistani culture instead of foreign stock images

If you target the Pakistani market, try using your own images or images that reflect our local culture. The use of foreign stock images in your landing page doesn’t look professional as it gives the impression of a copied page that may damage your audience’s trust.

1. Headline

The Headline is the first thing your viewers will read when they come to your page. It should be catchy and exciting. Also as your Headline gives an insight into what you have to offer. It also helps users and search engines to understand your page theme. That’s why your main heading needs to be well-defined, straightforward, and focused.
One important thing to note here is that your clients yearn for authenticity; don’t fool them by cheesy headlines unrelated to your product. It will increase your bounce rate and could negatively impact your website

2. Supporting Headline

A supporting headline upholds the main idea introduced in the main heading. A subheading or supporting heading needs to be effective enough to make your customer stay on your website and take the desired action.

3. Use of Videos

A video presents products or services in a visually attractive way. According to research, 96% of customers find videos exciting and helpful. The video should be short and descriptive and must contain an attractive thumbnail. Otherwise, clients may skip or close your video because of boredom. Try creating videos in English and also in your local language and see which has a better impact. Remember, your main goal is getting a sale, so plan everything strategically. Test and see which type of video is grabbing the visitor’s attention.

How to Design a Perfect Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers?

4. Bullet Points

Bullet points help to clarify your stance. They help to convey to-the-point messages. You can list the benefits of your product or services in bullets as they are short and easy to read.
Bullet points make your website user-friendly as they provide essential information without wasting the client’s time and energy.

Call To Action (CTA)

A call-to-action button allows the client to take a specific action. CTAs are basic commands or action phrases along with a button that asks your visitor to “Sign Up" or “Buy Now."
CTA section should be prominent, and it should not get lost among other content on your landing page. Choose colors, size, and text wisely so that your CTAs could be distinguished easily. Place one CTA per landing page if you don’t want to confuse your clients

How to Design a Perfect Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers?

Create a simple lead capture form

Design a form that is quick to fill and easy to understand. The lead capture form should not be too complex.
Please don’t ask for too many details in the form as it will intimidate your visitors. Ask for basic information in your lead generation forms like name, email, and company phone number.

Benefit Driven Copy

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from your competitors. The term (Benefit-Driven-Copy) is how you describe your USP to your target audience.
USP helps your clients to decide whether your service is worth buying or not. Remember to keep it short, understandable, and believable. Don’t just go out there bragging about how awesome you are! Be true to your clients so that in the future, they can trust you and come to you when in need. Consider giving them a premium offer like a free trial, demo, or free consultation. It will encourage them to work with you in the future.

Use Social Proof for your benefit

Social proofs are client’s feedbacks and remarks about your products or services on Google, Facebook. and other social media channels. Social proof helps to brand your services. Having a positive response and feedback from your previous clients is proof that you provide trustworthy services and customers can rely on you

How to Design a Perfect Landing Page That Converts Visitors into Customers?


1. While designing your landing page, make sure it is fully functional and responsive on mobile.
2. Avoid cluttering pages as they can make your visitor exit the landing page.
3. Keep your goals straight. The primary purpose of a landing page is to get the sale or lead. So be concise and use the call to action wisely.
4. Don’t put the menu and secondary links on the landing page. Avoiding menu in landing pages will help you increase conversion rates and reduce the bounce rate


By now, you have learned all the tactics of how to design your landing page. Follow all these techniques and get ready to attract potential customers who will purchase your service without any second thoughts. Don’t forget to test your landing page once it’s complete! Study and analyze your landing page traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates and make changes. And, you are ready to go!

They are the most effective tool and need to be well-organized and appealing.

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