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eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

March 29, 2021

Recent research shows that the e-commerce industry is booming in Pakistan and growing three times faster than a traditional business. As the trend of online shopping is increasing gradually in Pakistan so, it’s the right time to start an online store and step your foot into the e-commerce business.
If you want to gain a competitive edge and expand your business around the globe, then create an online website & online store NOW….!!
If you don’t know anything about the existence and success of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan then read this full article for getting some interesting and useful information.

Booming of E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan

The e-commerce market in Pakistan has been for 20 years. The primary online store, Beliscity, began in 2001 but that is no longer exists today. PakWheels started in 2003, Rozee. Pk, wh started as a side project of Naseeb Networks in 2006 and Zameen.com, started up in 2007. Other early online stores such as Sophie in 2005, Symbios in 2006, and HomeShopping in 2008 came and still capturing the market. OLX is the first Pakistani foreign entrant that started its operation in 2010. In 2012 Rocket Internet entered the Pakistani market and launched three ventures as Azmalo, Daraz, and FoodPanda. After some time, Azmalo re-envisioned as a drop-shipment site and changed its name to Kaymu. Other global startups included Careem and Uber, stated in 2015 and 2016. In the ride-hailing category, local players Bykea and Cheetay also came to exists.

After knowing a short history, you must be curious to know about the statistics of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan. RIGHT? Here is some interesting information for you.

eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

Statistics of the E-Commerce Industry in Pakistan

eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

According to economic experts, If the current trend of online businesses continues growing in Pakistan, then sales are projected to cross the $1 billion mark by 2020 as compared to $622 million recorded in 2017.
After reading the above information at this stage, you must be curious to know about the information to build your online store now. If the answer is YES, then further read the remaining article.
First of all, you need to build a perfect website for creating your online store.

Purpose of E-Commerce Website development

eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

The purpose of the e-commerce website is to sell products to end-users. To achieve a high percentage of purchases, you should be careful to create a user-friendly successful website. For a successful e-commerce website, you need to integrate all the latest online closing & upsell techniques to increase the chances that visitors will purchase on your website. Some points must be considered when building a successful e-commerce website, such as making the website attractive & user-friendly, removing the friction during the purchasing process, making the checkout smooth & easy, making the website fast and mobile-friendly, Upselling users on related products, offering an incentive to buyers, reducing cart rejection, attracting past buyers to buy again, remarketing to past visitors who haven’t purchased anything yet, using the secure payment options, etc.
We will give here an example of a website of Daraz that is the largest online store in Pakistan, and according to Dawn News, “Daraz records revenue of 3 billion rupees during Big Friday sale” (Dawn, 2017).
First of all, this question that will come into your mind is: How much does it really cost to build a website?

Cost to Build E-Commerce Website

eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

You must have to know how much it really costs you to build a website; otherwise, you will overspend your budget. We are here breaking down websites into different types & budget

Small Mid-Size Enterprise
Design 5000 to 10000 50000 to 100000
Programming 10000 to 400000 50000 – 200000 400000 to 700000
Integrations 5000 to 10000 15000/- 20000/-
Data Imports Not included Not included
Hosting (annual) 4000 to 10000 10000 to 20000 30000 to 200000
SEO (annual)
Average eCommerce Website Cost (Annual) RS 190000 to 600000/- 80000 to 245000 500000 to 1000000

Now you have seen how much it costs to build a website. If you really want to compete, then you must hire a professional to build a successful e-commerce website for you. Contact 1Clickwebs for creating a successful e-commerce website & online store for you NOW.

Payment options/gateways for your E-Commerce Store in Pakistan

eCommerce Website Development Cost in Pakistan

More than 80% of orders in Pakistan take place as Cash on delivery (CAD). But still, you have to decide payment options for your e-commerce store very wisely. Currently, MCB, UBL, HBL, and Bank Alfalah are providing credit card merchant accounts in Pakistan. Keanu also providing merchant accounts services. For local payments, other payment options like Finja, SimSim, Easypay, JazzCash, ARY Sahulat card are available. For international payments, Paypal, Stripe, 2CO are common gateways in Pakistan.

Logistic Partner options for Product delivery

After deciding payment options, you have to select a logistics partner for product delivery both local and international. TCS, Leopard, Call Courier, M&P and Cheetay are local delivery options in Pakistan. DHL is an option for international deliveries.
We hope this article helped you understand about e-commerce industry in Pakistan and how you can build an online store. Contact 1Clickwebs for creating a successful e-commerce website & online store for you NOW.

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